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Don Lawrence Scholarship Recipient

Dear PCMA Members,
I would like to thank the members of the board of PCMA for choosing me as the Don Lawrence Memorial Scholarship recipient. I am truly honored and grateful to be accepting this award. I would also like to thank everyone from PCMA for inviting me to the New England Annual Chapter meeting at the Revere Hotel Boston Common and getting the opportunity to meet other members of PCMA. I am a senior at the University of New Hampshire and this scholarship will be going directly toward tuition for my final semester of my college career. My family and I are extremely appreciative for this award, and, as my parents often remind me, every little bit helps.
I have been a member of PCMA since my freshman year of college. This organization is something I have dedicated a lot of my time to, and I am extremely happy to have been a part of all the wonderful opportunities PCMA has to offer. Networking at different events through PCMA has helped me tremendously in deciding what I want to do when I graduate. It has given me the opportunity to meet other professionals in the industry, and provided me with hands-on experiences that have taught me skills that correlate with my current and past jobs. The executive positions I have held in PCMA has also helped hone my leadership skills and the experience will help me in going forward.
At the University of New Hampshire I am in the Hospitality Management program. Next semester I will be completing my senior capstone and then graduating in May. My senior capstone is a Gourmet Dinner that is put together by senior students in the hospitality program. I am looking forward to working with my peers to put on this event. A lot of time and energy goes into this project and I know it will be consuming most of my time next spring. In preparation for graduation, next semester I will also be spending a lot of time applying for jobs and management programs. My goal is to go into a management in training program for the rooms division or be working in events. Being a part of PCMA over the past few years has opened many doors for me. It has shown me that the hospitality industry is truly the right path for me moving forward. I am thrilled to be accepting this scholarship from an organization that I am so passionate about, and that I hope to continue to be apart of even after graduation. Thank you so much again for this generous award!

Katherine Oxley

Jacky ListonDon Lawrence Scholarship Recipient